Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these courses for adults?

    Yes! These courses are for not only for students but also adults.

    Many of those taking these courses have been out of school for a while and now find themselves either going back to school, changing careers, or need a solid math refresher for their day-to-day lives. There are also many teachers and homeschool parents out there looking for additional support as well!

  • Do I get a course completion certificate when I finish a course?

    Yes! You will receive a Course Completion Certificate after you finish a course that you may add to your resume.

  • Is there a specific date that I need to start a course?

    You may start a course anytime and anywhere that works best for you!

  • Do I need to finish a course within a certain time frame?

    Not at all! These courses are designed for you to go at your own pace. You may also use them as a reference guide and come back whenever you need help on something....even years down the road!

  • Can I download the Textbook on my device?

    Yes! You may download it as a PDF to use offline on your phone, kindle and computer. As long as you do not re-distribute or sell the textbook, you are good to go!

  • What is your refund policy?

    There is a 7 day money-back guarantee on the video courses. If you give the videos and practice problems your best shot but are unhappy with the course, please send me an email and we can talk about a refund. Please note that there are no refunds on downloadable textbooks.

  • Do I get lifetime access to these courses?

    Yes, and the textbooks are yours to keep forever! Woohoo!