About Tanya

From repeating Pre-Algebra to designing rocket launch pads at NASA - Tanya believes math isn’t just about crunching numbers; it’s about strengthening our confidence to build the career and life we dream about! 

In 2021, Tanya Zakowich created a TikTok on math tips & tricks and grew it to 1,000,000+ followers in her first 6 months. Inspired, Tanya started Pink Pencil Math, a light-hearted and relatable approach to math with a modern focus on real-world applications drawn from her experience as a student, engineer and things she wished she had learned as an adult.

Surprisingly, Tanya hated struggled with math growing up.  She found it rather boring and couldn't see how she would use it in the real world beyond exams. She even had to repeat a whole year of pre-algebra during high school 😬.  

One year, she crossed paths with a teacher who ignited her interest in math by relating it to activities she found fun, like building a robotic dog (she loved tinkering)! With a new mindset on numbers and an encouraging teacher, Tanya developed a strong foundation in math that gave her the confidence to pursue advanced studies in the hard sciences.

Tanya went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Columbia University 🎓 with degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Physics. She then went on to pursue a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. 

After school, she worked with fellow mechanical engineers to solve some of the world's most complex problems - designing launch pads at NASA 🚀, analyzing interior structures of Boeing aircrafts ✈️ and building an electromagnetic propulsion system at Virgin Hyperloop-One 🚄.


These days, Tanya dedicates her time to sharing the wonders of math with millions of students — young and old — around the world. With Pink Pencil Math, she designs courses made up of 5-minute videos that are useful, relatable, and easy to understand.

Tanya hopes these courses will serve as a guide for people throughout their life journeys - whether they’re trying to graduate, seeking a promotion, or starting to invest!