Foundations 101

Math Foundations for Real-World Success

This is the ultimate starter math course for parents, students and adults seeking to strengthen their math foundations or refresh their arithmetic skills. Covering concepts typically taught in schools from 5th to 10th grade, this course is crucial for calculations used in careers across all industries, daily life, standardized tests, and higher-level math in school. Once you master the fundamentals taught in this course, you'll discover that everything else becomes easier!
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The key to math success: building a solid foundation

In the next 10 years, there will be a radical career shift, with a majority of jobs requiring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills. Whether you're an adult looking to pursue new job opportunities or a student preparing for the future, it's essential to have a strong foundation in math. This course provides comprehensive coverage of all the necessary math concepts, ensuring that you are equipped with the skills needed for success in any career path!

What You'll Learn

This course covers every important math concept from addition and subtraction to exponents and higher order roots!

    1. Math Fundamentals 101 Textbook

    1. 1. Welcome!

    2. 2. The 5 Secrets to Master Math 🔑

    3. 3. How's Your Number Sense?

    4. 4. Our World of Numbers 🌎

    5. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    1. Textbook Chapter for Add & Subtract 📓

    2. 1. 20 Ways We Say + and -

    3. 2. The 5 Properties of Addition and Subtraction

    4. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    5. 3. Even or Odd?

    6. 4. The Number Line

    7. 5. Add & Subtract Integers

    8. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    9. 6. Add BIG Numbers - The Traditional Way

    10. 7. Subtract BIG Numbers - The Traditional Way

    11. 8. Add BIG Numbers - The Grouping Way!

    12. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    13. 9.💡 PRO TIP: Subtract BIG Numbers By…..Adding Them ✈️

    14. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    15. 10.💡 PRO TIP: Easily Subtract Numbers With Zeros

    16. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    1. Textbook Chapter for Multiply 📓

    2. 1. 11 Ways We Write Multiply

    3. 2. The 5 Properties of Multiplication

    4. 3. Multiplication is just Repeated Addition

    5. 4. Multiply Positive & Negative Integers

    6. 5. The Absolute Value

    7. 6.💡 PRO TIP: Multiply Numbers With Zeros

    8. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    9. 7. The Traditional Method

    10. 8. The Box Method 📦

    11. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    12. 9. The Line Method 🥢

    13. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    1. Textbook Chapter for Divide 📓

    2. 1. What is Division?

    3. 2. Common Ways We Say Divide

    4. 3. Division is just Repeated Subtraction

    5. 4. You Can’t Divide By 0! Why?

    6. 5. Divide Positive and Negative Integers

    7. 6. Long Division - The Basics 🍔

    8. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    9. 7. Long Division with Remainders

    10. 8. Long Division with 2-Digit Divisors

    11. 9.💡PRO TIP: The Partial Quotients Method

    12. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    1. Textbook Chapter for Primes, Factors & Multiples 📓

    2. 1. What Are Factors?

    3. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    4. 2. Testing For Divisibility

    5. 3.💡 Know if a Number is Divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10

    6. 4. What are Prime Numbers?

    7. 5. How to Hack The Bank! 😎

    8. 6. Prime, Composite or Neither

    9. 7. Prime Factorization 🌲

    10. 8. Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

    11. 9. How to Tile a Bathroom Wall 🚽

    12. 10. What Are Multiples?

    13. 11. Least Common Multiple (LCM)

    14. ✏️ Try Solving This!

    15. 12. GCF and LCM Using Prime Factorization 🌲

    16. ✏️ Try Solving This!

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  • 9 hours of video content

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  • No long lectures

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for?

    This foundational course is for all math levels!

    - Students looking to master all the basics before Algebra.  This course is an accumulation of all arithmetic concepts and number theory at a pre-algebra level.


    - Students who are taking higher level math (algebra, trig, calculus, etc.) but need to brush up on their basics.  

    Adults who have been out of school for a while and need a solid math refresher.

    - Those who need to brush up on their math basics for tests like the GED, SAT, GMAT, etc.

    - Teachers and homeschool parents looking for additional support.

  • Does this course include any algebra?

    This course does not include any algebra. However, we will be covering many of the same principals used for Algebra.

  • Is there a specific date that I need to start the course?

    You may start this course anytime and anywhere that works best for you!

  • Is there a hard copy of the textbook?

    So far the textbook is only available digitally. However, you may easily download it on your phone or laptop and bring with you on the go!

About Tanya

From repeating Pre-Algebra to designing rocket launch pads at NASA - Tanya believes math isn’t just about crunching numbers; it’s about strengthening our confidence to build the career and life we dream about! 

In 2021, Tanya Zakowich created a TikTok on math tips & tricks and grew it to 1,000,000+ followers in her first 6 months. Inspired, Tanya started Pink Pencil Math, a light-hearted and relatable approach to math with a modern focus on real-world applications drawn from her experience as a student, engineer and things she wished she had learned as an adult.